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At Ecopower Additives we are fully aware of the importance that can have the maximum optimization of both the injection system and the fuel circuit in the engine.

The fuel’s quality varies due to its degradation and the gas station conditions, what can affect its performance..

The water content and the addition of biofuels progressively deteriorate the injection system. The indicators of a poor and contaminated combustion can be: the appearance of bacteria in the tank and circuit, charcoal, varnishes in the injector, EGR valve or intake problems.

An optimal injection system guarantees a lower consumption.

The injector sprays the fuel more efficiently by taking advantage from a greater power of the combustion explotion and consequently produces lower CO2 emissions and greater reliability at the wheel.

The growing concern about the environmental sustainability has pushed the fuel industry to develop more environment-friendly products.

To this must be added the fact that the refinement of raw materials for the diesel fuel mixture is has become more difficult at present, and therefore the quality of the fuel mixtures available nowadays is inferior to the one we used to know in the past.

Ecopower Additives makes it possible to extend our vehicles’ lives.

The Ecopower Additives team has focused its efforts on developing the excellence and competitiveness of the entire range of its products by improving the engine’s performance and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. Our goal is to minimize the problems caused by smoke, bacteria, bad combustion, excessive consumption, pollution, etc. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


The most common additives widely present in gas stations’ shops, service stations and car related sections in shopping centers (the big gas stations chains included). The additive is added directly to the fuel what makes the consumer pay a higher price per litre and the results obtained are barely noticables. The purpose of these additives is to improve the quality of the fuel base using a very low concentration.


The most common additives in the automotive spare parts sector represented by some known prestigious brands as well as others not yet so popular. They offer a vast range of products with different approaches and applications. Their concentration level is medium and requires application of huge amounts of the product as well as continuity, in order to begin to perceive the results (only if the conditions of the fuel, circuit and engine are not too much deteriorated). They offer a solution as far as smoke is concerned, but on the other hand they do not micronize or emulsify the water what can lead to the appearance of bacteria in the tank. In many cases they improve the cetane’s level during combustion but at the same time they dry out the injectors. The amount of active cleaning detergent is not sufficient for its results to be immediate.


These are the additives of an acceptable quality and generally more complete as a whole. Although they are more expensive, the quality-price balance is satisfactory as the results are visible.


The most complete and concentrated. Their composition is balanced what offers both short- and long-term effectiveness. They complement the combustion of the fuel without drying it out and lubricate to the maximum extent possible, making use of concentrated detergent agents which are effective from the first application. They reduce the smoke in a drastic way, eliminate any remaining water formed by condensation and thus prevent the appearance of bacteria. They are antioxidant and prevent the systems from corrosion. A single application of these additives would be equivalent to a continuous repetition of lower level additives treatments.

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